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About Us

Your beachside allure with Tali Benita Malibu – where sensuality meets style.

The Company

Tali Benita Malibu (TBM) is a premier luxury beachwear brand rooted in the sun-kissed shores of Malibu, California.

Founded by Tali Benita, whose creative journey began amidst the enchanting landscapes of the South of France, TBM embodies a captivating fusion of international influences. Inspired by the timeless elegance of French fashion, the bold spirit of California’s lifestyle, and the chic sophistication of Milan and Monaco, Tali Benita set out to create a brand that celebrates the artistry of beachwear fashion.

TBM stands at the intersection of craftsmanship and creativity, offering meticulously designed swimwear that embodies sensuality, style, and empowerment. Each TBM piece is a testament to our commitment to quality, innovation, and inclusivity, designed to enhance the natural beauty of every woman who wears it. From our signature swimsuits to our elegant cover-ups and resort wear, every garment is crafted with precision and passion, ensuring a flawless fit and luxurious feel.

Driven by our dedication to excellence, Tali Benita Malibu has become synonymous with sophistication, glamour, and adventure. Our collections transcend trends, offering timeless pieces that exude confidence and allure. Whether lounging on the pristine beaches of Malibu or jet-setting to exotic destinations around the globe, TBM is the epitome of beachside luxury, inspiring women to embrace their unique selves and celebrate life’s everyday adventures with style and grace.

Our Mission

At Tali Benita Malibu, our mission is to empower women to feel confident and beautiful in their own skin. We believe that beachwear is more than just clothing; it’s a reflection of individuality, expression, and self-assurance. Through our meticulously crafted designs and attention to detail, we strive to provide women with pieces that not only flatter their figures but also uplift their spirits. Our mission is to inspire confidence, ignite passion, and celebrate the beauty of every woman, one stunning swimsuit at a time.

Our Vision

Our vision at Tali Benita Malibu is to redefine beachwear fashion, setting new standards of elegance, sophistication, and inclusivity. We envision a world where every woman feels empowered to embrace her unique style and express herself freely. From the sun-drenched beaches of Malibu to the cosmopolitan streets of the world’s fashion capitals, we aspire to inspire confidence, creativity, and joy in every woman who wears TBM. Our vision is to create a global community of empowered women who celebrate life’s adventures with grace, style, and confidence, embodying the timeless allure of Tali Benita Malibu.

Tail Benita, founder of Tali Benita Malibu

The Founder

Tali Benita, the visionary founder of Tali Benita Malibu, is driven by a passion for fashion, a love of travel, and a dedication to empowering women.

With a background in design and a keen eye for detail, Tali’s journey from the enchanting shores of the South of France to the vibrant energy of Los Angeles has shaped her unique aesthetic and creative vision.

Inspired by the beauty and diversity of the world around her, Tali infuses each TBM piece with her signature style, creating swimwear that is both luxurious and empowering.

With Tali’s unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation, Tali Benita Malibu continues to redefine beachwear fashion, capturing the essence of coastal glamour and sophistication in every garment.

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